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Dlan 1200+ Wi-Fi Ac Powerline

Dlan 1200+ Wi-Fi Ac Powerline

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In the PLC 1200+ WiFi ac, devolo combines all the features of a high-performance Powerline adapter in one housing. Integrated WLAN for an optimal connection to wireless terminal devices such as a smartphone or laptop, two LAN ports for connecting network-compatible devices. Using the integrated electrical socket, power strips and other devices up to 16 amps can be connected. Never has it been easier, faster or more secure to network wireless and stationary devices!


  • The next generation of Wi-Fi is here! Finally, Wi-Fi at ac speed.
  • Two integrated antennas ensure outstanding Wi-Fi reception.
  • Simultaneous use of the 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequencies for connecting withall smartphones, laptops and tablets.
  • Lightning-fast 1200 Mbps speeds for the most demanding data transmission.
  • Even higher performance and longer range with MIMO and Range Extension Technology.
  • With two Gigabit LAN connections you can connect two Internet-compatibledevices at any time via network cable to the Internet (e.g. game console,Smart TV).
  • With the integrated electrical socket, no power outlet in your room is lost.
  • WiFi sync & clone Technology is the intelligent expansion of the existing Wi-Fi network.This provides the best Wi-Fi reception throughout the home - and ithappens completely automatically .
  • Free intuitive app helps you perfectly manage your personal home network (e.g.child-safety features, guest accounts, Wi-Fi time control).